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18350 or 18650 battery is better?

What is 18350 Battery? What is 18650 Battery ?

The most commonly used battery for e-cigarettes 18650/18350 Rechargeable lithium battery 18650 and 18350 The first two digits 18 represents the diameter of 18.0mm, which is 1.8 cm. The last three digits 650 represents the length of 65.0mm, which is 6.5 cm. The battery marked 3.7V and 4.2V are actually the same, but the difference is marked by the manufacturer. 3.7V refers to the average discharge voltage. 4.2V is the highest voltage when fully charged. Of course, the performance will decrease as the power used decreases sharply. 18650 battery usually is marked with 3.7V, and the full charge is 4.2V.

In addition to the difference in length and capacity, are there other differences?

Take the Sony 18650 VTC6 as an example, the battery capacity is 3000MAH, and the maximum discharge capacity is said to be 15A, 20A, or even 30A. Generally speaking, power is inversely proportional to discharge, so there are many different battery types, some have high discharge capacity and low battery capacity, some have low discharge capacity and high battery capacity. If you see high discharge capacity and high capacity, then you must be careful Pay attention to whether the label is correct, so how to choose the correct battery for use in a suitable e-cigarette device is also very important.

18650 battery discharge capacity specifications are usually better than 18350, 18650 is usually 15 20 A discharge capacity, and 18350 is usually 10A discharge. This is mainly a problem of capacity. The 18350 itself has a small capacity. If it achieves 15 or even 20A, the battery will be used up faster for the 18350, which has a small capacity, and the charging frequency needs to be increased. Therefore, generally speaking, 18350 batteries are generally recommended not to be used with low ohms (0.8OHM or above). On the one hand, they will need to be charged quickly, and on the other hand, they will increase the risk. Usually, low ohms should be matched with 15 or 20A or more. The battery will greatly reduce the risk. While enjoying the use of electronic cigarettes, we must also improve the safety of using products. There are no 100% safe electronic products, but as long as we use electronic products reasonably and correctly, we will be able to enjoy the products safely and happily while using the products. The good experience it brings, after all, the safe and convenient enjoyment of the product that we just spent money on is the meaning of our purchase, isn’t it?


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